Above Interiors

Razvan Barsan + Partners’s interior and architecture teams create unique concepts for residential, public and commercial sector, for office buildings, specialized shops, restaurants, hotels, as well as various other public buildings.
The designer’s approach, pragmatic and collaborative, brings value to buildings and investments, focusing on the overall vision of the client and transforming passions and properties into unique interiors.
The quality of a Lobby design project finds its core in the style of the building- modern design, contemporary or classic design, and with the help of precious finishes, custom furniture pieces and innovative fit-out solutions, successfully combines aesthetics and functionality.
A designer finds complete solutions for Lobby design, Reception areas, Lounge and waiting rooms décor. Each space has a custom design concept, built in harmony with the layout and function of the building, for a continuous design. As such, the interior design of an apartment building lobby expresses the idea of comfort, the design of a hotel lobby inspires splendor and elegance, while the design of an office-building lobby presents the vision, strategy and brand of the owner’s company.
The fluidity of a Lobby Design gives uninterrupted access to the main spaces of a building and guides the visitor to the designated areas, without compromising the esthetic value of the floor plan. The elegant finishes, the colors, the furniture pieces and the decorative elements, inspires visitors and users.


Bucharest - Romania