Headquarters RB+P

Our brand new offices aim to combine functional and esthetic qualities while serving as inspiration for our future projects. The minimalistic design offers clarity and order as well as a clear boundary of spaces. Lighting is designed according to the functionality of each space and can be adjusted according to the needs of each area. Transparency plays an important role in the design of the space itself, the layout is easy-to read at first sight. The colors have been chosen to highlight areas of interest, black and white being the primary colors that offer unity to the whole space, while bright colors welcome guests to their destined spaces.

Large windows open the space up by offering a view towards the garden from all working areas, including the meeting room. The garden serves as both a recreational area, as well as a meeting space, completing the interior space and bringing it together. This is suggested through its round shape and atrium that invites to conversation and unity.


Bucharest - Romania


Anatol Struna